Waterproof Flooring

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Pergo ExtremeDesigned to meet today’s flooring demands, Waterproof Vinyl also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floors look great and work hard. Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof making it a great flooring choice in moisture prone rooms such as family bathrooms, kitchens, powder rooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and entryways.

LVT is a luxury vinyl product that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feels like the real thing. Some styles are even made to be installed with grout. Talk about realistic!

LVP is luxury vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks in everything from color to species. Surface textures often include the look of scraping or embossing, which dramatically heighten the realism. Like wood, planks may be installed in sophisticated ways—in brick fashion, diagonally, and so on. The result is stunning.

One of the latest Luxury Vinyl products is Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl flooring, which has a more solid or “rigid” core for added durability. The two types of rigid core Luxury Vinyl are Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

SPC, Stone Plastic Composite, combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. An SPC floor is 100% waterproof, but adds stability, dent resistance and structure to vinyl plank flooring.

WPC, Wood Plastic Composite, has a stable core that includes wood pulp and foaming agents. This gives WPC vinyl a rigid, yet soft feel under foot.

New York Carpets & Flooring offers Luxury Vinyl flooring in-stock in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you will be sure to find the right match that will embellish and enhance your home’s ambiance.  No matter what your style or budget, New York Carpets & Flooring has you covered!

While every flooring product has its advantages and drawbacks, Luxury Vinyl has several distinct benefits showcasing why it has skyrocketed in popularity as the go-to floor covering choice.

All forms of vinyl flooring—sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl—are made with materials that are 100% waterproof.  That is why in rooms such as family bathrooms, kitchens, powder rooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and entryways, vinyl flooring materials are a great choice for these moisture prone areas.

When cleaning Luxury Vinyl you can afford to be a little rougher compared to other flooring types as the protective layer provides fantastic scratch, scuff, stain, chip, crack and dent resistance. As a hygienic flooring, a simple cleaning regime with a damp mop will suffice. If you require a deep clean, the flooring is resilient to chemical cleaners.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Planks are an affordable alternative bringing luxury designs to your home for significantly lower prices. With LVT and LVP you get the best of both worlds; a floor with supreme realistic wood and stone looks that comes with all the advantages of vinyl. It’s no wonder why luxury vinyl has become the trendsetter that it has.

Available in click or stick down options, Luxury Vinyl installation is much quicker compared to wood, ceramic or stone flooring. A lower profile makes working with static furnishings, door openings and transitions a lot easier. Luxury Vinyl can be installed over existing plywood or concrete subfloors as long as the surface is flat, smooth and structurally sound.

Vinyl was created more than forty years ago, and despite developments in construction and print technologies, common misconceptions which were applicable then still persist now.

Forty years ago when vinyl was first introduced, the printed design on Luxury Vinyl Tiles was visually very flat, with little texture or depth. However, with the improved quality of print technology, the appearance of this type of tile has greatly improved. Unless under the expert eye, it’s extremely difficult to differentiate LVT from hardwood and tiled flooring. The design, texture and finish are an impeccable standard. Bevelled edges add realism whilst additional feature strips enhance the detail of the design and eliminate the need for grouting.

Another misconception is that LVT and LVP is another name for laminate flooring – perhaps caused by the visual similarities between laminate and wood-style LVP.  However, laminate flooring is constructed very differently, with a core made from wood powder whereas in LVT and LVP the core layer is made of vinyl.

This means that the two types of flooring react to moisture very differently: while vinyl isn’t affected, wood will warp and buckle if it is exposed to excessive moisture, for example through wet cleaning.

One of the most common concerns about printed tiles surrounds walk-off: the idea that over time you’ll wear away the design. However, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Planks have a clear top layer over the printed layer which guards against scuffs and scratches and protects the printed design layer.

This misconception is caused by confusion between Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT). Vinyl Composite Tile doesn’t have a clear protective overlay like Luxury Vinyl Tile, which means that it’s necessary to perform a vital maintenance process involving waxing and polishing the tiles to ‘seal’ the surface and protect against wear and damage from heavy use. The wax and polish is then regularly stripped away to remove the build-up of wax and polish before reapplying.

In contrast, the wear layer combined with the polyurethane coating on LVT provides excellent resistance to stains, scratches and scuffs while eliminating the need for waxes, polishes and harsh chemicals for cleaning and maintenance.