The Clock is Ticking on Karastan at the Lowest Prices of the Season!

There are perhaps only a handful of brands that have not only dominated their respective markets but are regarded as the quintessential example of style, elegance, and quality craftsmanship – whether in luxury automobiles, fine wines, fashion, or home décor. Karastan is one of those brands. For over 90 years, homeowners who wanted only the best carpeting or rugs chose and continue to choose Karastan. Now you can choose any of Karastan’s elegant and beautiful designs from New York Carpets & Flooring at the lowest prices of the season from now until June 3, 2019!

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Best Flooring Options for Our Four-legged Friends

Ah, our pets. We love them. Even when the family dog digs a new hole in the backyard, then joyfully bursts through the door and rolls on the living room carpet leaving a wide swath of fresh, moist mud. Or when the cat presents a freshly-caught rodent or leaves a surprise somewhere because she didn’t like the scent of the new cat litter. As a general rule, you want a flooring surface that’s easy to clean, resists scratch marks, and provides a level of comfort for the entire family. The good news is that you needn’t sacrifice high-quality or elegant flooring options that will enhance the resale value and overall look of your home. There are numerous options that can do both.

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