We are happy to offer this popular service to all of our customers. Often, after an installation or home-project, you will have carpet scraps leftover. At New York Carpets, if you bring us those scraps we can bind them for you in any size you want.

Small rugs are the perfect solution for those high traffic areas that need extra protection. Some places in your home that could use the coverage of a small, convenient rug are:

•Below the kitchen sink
•Directly inside patio doors
•Under pet water or food bowls, and more.

When these areas of your home need additional coverage, our experts can help create a rug from the scraps of your existing carpet. This ensures a low cost to you and an end product that exactly matches the look of your home!

Our experts can make sure the edges of your carpet don’t fray, giving the completed product a nice, finished appearance. No matter what size or shape, we can help create a rug that looks great in your home! All it takes is your carpet scrap and our skilled workers, and your rug binding project can be complete within two days.

Call our experts for more information and to start your rug binding project today.

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